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Northern pike fishing

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Dear Fellow Angler,

California Trout has launched a new online advocacy program to enable anglers, sportsmen, and other concerned Americans to weigh in on key issues that affect wild trout, steelhead, and their waters throughout California.

Fishing in Finland
Late October fishing in Finland. 8 men went fishing for a weekend. The catch was 23 pike and 3 perches. The pikes were all quite small and we released most of them.
Eel River
I think the river on this picture is the Eel river (could be the Russian river).
Northern Pike Fishing in Finland

Went fishing with my 3,5 year old son Johannes. After 3 hours in the rain we cought this pike (3,5 kilos). This is a typical Norther Pike.
The world's leading fishing lure equipment manufacturer Rapala VMC is to purchase the Marttiini Knife Factory, based in Rovaniemi, Finland.
Here are some new lures from Rapala. Lets start with the expansion in the X-Rap Family.

Nokia X-rap lures

They say you can spot an X-Rap from a mile away, link. After last years original X-Rap (size 10) made a worldwide splash, there is big news: more lures bearing the same fish-catching genetics, including new sizes and colors in the original. They are the X-Rap 08, X-Rap Jointed Shad, X-Rap 14, X-Rap Magnum 30...
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