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Northern pike fishing

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Pikefishing in Finland
Our traditional fishingtrip with the boys to Porvoo was great. We had 5 pikes (2x3kg, 2x1,7kg and 1x2kg). This is me with the 3kg pike, link. No new fishing records were made. My personal pike record is 4,25 kilos which isn�t big. After fishing we had a Sauna, eat the pike and drank some wine and beer.
My eel photo (taken last summer) was published on
Nils Master big big mouth hydrodynamic lure review
Nils Master BIG-BIG Mouth 110 is (according to their own ad) a hydrodynamic revolution and the world's first hydrodynamic design that actually catches fish! It�s available in 2 sizes with 5 new colors coming soon.
waterproof case for cell phone
A waterproof case for a cell phone. I once dropped my Nokia into the sea. Yes it was saltawater, but after a shower with freshwater the phone was working. Well, a waterproof case could be handy and useful...
COMCOM mobile phone "wind-up' dynamo charger for cell phone.
Auch! I forgot to re-charge my cell phone before I went fishing. How can I now send my picture of the giant pike to friends with my mobile? COMCOM�'s cell phone "wind-up" dynamo charger - Don�t leave your home without it :-)
I read an online article on about top lures in Finland. Here�s what they said.
I thought it would be nice to have a document with the basic info about the biggest lure manufacturers. I did some research and some copy / paste work and here�s the result.
These are the strongest brands in the lure business according to an investment analysis I recently read.

1. Rapala (~35%)
2. Berkley (~ 10%)
3. Mepps (~10%)
4. Daredevil (~ 5%)
5. Storm (~5%)
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