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Northern pike fishing

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Block fillet

We caught a flounder that weighed almost a kilo (980 g) in our net. This is Johannes holding the flounder. The easiest and best (?) recipe for flounder is to smoke it, site. You just need some salt, a smoker and the fish!
Fishing with the Kids

It�s nice when your kids get in the age they can (and want to) fish with you.
Ice fishing

I�m cleaning the old boat house and found some interesting antiques? This is for ice fishing.
Summer Vacation

I�m now on my summer vacation and spending time with family and friends at our summer cottage (Inkoo, Finland).
Fish in Helsinki rainbow trout, steelhead trout
We went with Johannes to fish in Helsinki and this is what we got, a rainbow trout (steelhead trout) weighing 1,2 kilos.
We went fishing with Johannes to our regular fishing spot. It was raining and we did not see any signs of fish. I tried many different lures, but we had to give up after 3 hours because I wasn�t prepared for the rain as good as my son (Johannes).

At this fishing spot we usually get a small pike within the first hour or so. No luck this time :-(
Ice Fishing Safety
I just want to remind you people living in northern climates that fishing, working or playing on the frozen surface of the sea, a river or lake can be dangerous. Knowing how to fish safely on the ice can be a matter of life or death.
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