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The online dictinary Wikipedia writes "In terms of sport fishing, a lure is an object, often designed to resemble fish prey, equipped with one or many hooks that is used to catch fish."

Lure fishing is popular among anglers that catch predator fish such as Pike, Perch and Zander and fishing lures generally fall into one of these categories; wobblers & plugs, spinners, spoons, crankbaits or jigs.

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Fishing lure reviews, more. Looking to find the best lure for bass, pike, trout, salmon or carp? Want to share your experience with others and rate new fishing lures? Here you can write lure reviews and rate lures. Your experience as a user makes you an expert in the lure you own. So why not write a review and help others in choosing the right lure. Fishing lure reviews.

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Lure makers info. Storm, Rapala, Nils Master, Bomber, Riverside, Rebel, Heddon, Zip and more. Lure makers.

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