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There are several hundred million people fishing in the world and many of us dream of making at least one major fishing trip that we will remember for the rest of our lives. I guess many fishermen and women are like me, fishing on the same spots year after year, at the summer cottage or somewhere near home. Maybe you dream of fishing in Finland?

I was in Cuba in the mid 1990s. The Cuba libre, fish and seafood were excellent, but I didn´t go fishing in Cuba. My interest in fishing came later, click. In the year 2005 I was with my family in California, but unfortunately there was no time for fishing and August is not the right season for salmon fishing in the Eel or Russian river anyway.

Is there something like the most popular or best fishing trip location? Fly and salmon fishing in Alaska and Canada is very popular, but some people are more fond of deep sea fishing in Florida. Some like South America and others Norway or Russia. You will find fish anywere in the world so I guess choosing a destination for your fishing trip and vacation is more a choise of the country, people, nature and cost of the trip.

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